Prof Mark Tame
Head of group
Jason Francis
PhD student
NRF Critical Skills funded
Kelvin Mpofu
PhD student

Interested in joining the group?
We are building a new lab at Stellenbosch
A number of Hons, MSc and PhD projects are available:

Honours projects

  1. Photonic quantum entanglement (exp)
  2. Photonic quantum interference (exp)
  3. Plasmonic biosensing (exp)
  4. Quantum Networks (theory)
  5. Quantum Graph Theory (theory)
A bursary of R60k is available for these projects. Note that an experimental project may be reformulated into a theory project and vice versa. Contact me to discuss further if you would like to do this.

MSc projects

  1. Quantum state tomography
  2. Single-photon generation
  3. Quantum random number generation
A bursary of R90k per year (2 years) is available for these projects.

PhD projects

Please contact me to discuss PhD projects. A bursary of R120k per year (3 years) is available for these projects.

Links to project details are active only from Stellenbosch University. If you are off-campus, contact me for further details.


Former members



Dr Mhlambululi Mafu
(former postdoc)

Senior Lecturer
Botswana International
University of Science
and Technology

Dr Toshiyuki Tashima
(former postdoc)

Takeuchi group
Kyoto University

Dr Xia Zhang
(former postdoc)

Research Fellow
Hobbs group
Trinity College Dublin

Dr Sanele Dlamini
(former PhD student)

Research Associate
National Nuclear Regulator
South Africa

Dr Solomon Uriri
(former PhD Student)

Centre for Quantum Technology
University of KwaZulu-Natal


Financial support